Fax & Email Documents Free With Your Camera Phone

Tired of taking notes during all those important meetings?  Well, if you’re into PDA’s (no, not public displays of affection, silly!), the nifty little handheld computers that are phones too, then you’ve likely got a camera on it.  Ever wondered how you could use that camera for something more professional than taking secret pictures of your colleagues sleeping at their cubicle?  Well, imagine yourself in a meeting where you want to capture what’s on the whiteboard but you don’t have time, or don’t want to, write it down.  Or, perhaps a colleague only has one business card left and there’s three of you that want it.  Time to put that camera phone to work.

A free service called Qipit lets you upload photos of documents, business cards or receipts from a mobile phone or digital camera, and improves the image quality through a patented technology called Realeyes3D.  Then that stored image can be emailed or faxed – all for free!

The images you upload are stored online on Qipit’s servers and are also accessible online via the website.

You can upload photos via MMS, email or directly from your computer using the web interface.

Once your document is on Qipit, you can choose to either view a PDF version of it, email the document or fax it. Qipit’s image optimization technology is really impressive.

The best part – it’s free.  Bookmark it as a tool to use during a critical incident where you might not have a fax or want to send something quick from the field.

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