Have Someone Else to Read the News for You

Come on, admit it. There’s been a time when you wished someone else would do all the work of reading news stories and summarizing what’s being said for you. Well, there’s this new website that might be the place for you – especially if you’re working in a Joint Information Center and you’re responsible for the media monitoring function. It’s called Newser, and it is an online news service that adds human intelligence to machine-driven aggregation. They search for the “best” stories all over the web, read them, and deliver succinct, sharply written summaries in a grid format that features photos, video and audio, and links to the original source.

How is Newser different from other news sites?

According to their website, Newser does the reading for you. Their editors select the day’s most covered and most talked-about stories from the 100 top news sources, along with compelling pieces from less-known sites that might otherwise be overlooked. They distill articles and opinion pieces into “lively and efficient summaries,” telling you what you need to know, what you want to know, and where to go for the best coverage.

You can also select specific hot topics and narrow the results by date range.

Check it out to see if this is something you might want to bookmark for your own media monitoring use.

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