Creating Maps

Creating an online map for the public to access easily can be accomplished a number of different ways, but the one that has stood out as being the easiest, especially during an emergency or crisis, is Google Maps.  You will need to create a new Google account for yourself, so be sure to sign up for one.  The nice thing about Google is that there are dozens of great applications (free applications) that all center around your single Google account.  This makes it easier for those who have a hard time remembering all the different logins for different programs.  There’s also a new site called “Scribble Maps” which is even more flexible than Google Maps, but a little more advanced to use.

Google Maps

Google Mashups

  • Scribble Maps – This is similar to Google Maps, but you can do a lot more – including the ability to scribble, draw lines, arrows, add text, shapes and markers to any area map. Like most mapping sites, Scribble Maps maps can be quickly shared with others by forwarding them a link or embedding maps on other webpages.

Google Earth

Advanced Tips