Track Swine Flu Outbreaks in Real Time with Your iPhone

h1n1_iphone_app_captureIf you’re one of the millions of people who now own an Apple iPhone (me included), there’s now a whole host of applications you can download to get more information about H1N1, or Swine Flu.  Probably the most useful is called “Outbreaks Near Me” and is a free iPhone application by HealthMap that tracks your location and pinpoints local instances of the Influenza virus in real time. In addition to logging visual instances of the illness, the application can also be used to inform others of known cases that may not already be in the Health Map system.

Google Maps powers the app, which tracks news outlets, various blogs, and Twitter for reports of Swine Flu, in addition to reports from the United States Centers for Disease Control. HealthMap’s Dr. John Brownstein says that the application was developed to “encourage basic prevention practices, like good day-to-day hygiene and vaccinations,” in an overall effort to educate people on the ongoing spread of the disease and reduce its reach.

There’s a really big list of “swine flu” related Apple iPhone apps listed by PC World – browse them all here.

Stunning Statistics About Mobile Phone Use

  • 80-95% of American households now have a mobile phone (depending on household type).  47% have three or more mobile devices (Source: Pew Networked Families)
  • Last quarter, Apple sold 5.2 million iPhones. That’s a colossal 626 percent growth over the year ago period, when Apple sold 717,000 iPhones.
  • Between January 2008 and January 2009, the number of people accessing the internet daily from a mobile device increased from 10.8 million to 22.4 million people according to a comScore report. The report studied the habits of 63.2 million people that accessed the internet to some degree with their phone for news and information.
  • The Apple iPhone sales outranks the closest competitor by a factor of five.  AdMob issued a new report on its findings of mobile ad traffic over the last few months. Some interesting statistics have popped up.
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