Find the Best Apple Mac Price

Finding a “deal” on a new iMac, MacBook, the sexy MacBook Air, or a powerhouse Mac Pro is like trying to find middle ground in California politics. It’s nearly impossible. But there’s a dirty little secret – it’s call Apple Insider website (well, I guess it’s not really dirty, but it sure sounds intriguing doesn’t it?). They post a “Mac Pricing Matrix” almost every day showing you the price difference on products offered between 8 different authorized Apple resellers. So before you go onto and settle with the education discount, head on over to the Apple Insider Mac Pricing Matrix and I’ll bet you’ll find a better deal on that sweet new Mac machine you’re eyeing.

You can find the pricing matrix here.

I wish I would have found this before I bought my new Apple MacBook Pro 15.4-Inch Laptop. Oh well, next time!

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