If you've ever been working on publishing an evacuation map or trying to target a specific area, then the Google "mashup" called ZipMaps is a very handy (free) online tool that helps you find out zip codes for any place in US. It displays a map and a custom tile layer of zip codes over [...]

Okay, this is super cool and super simple. Need an easy way to setup an easily sharable schedule for your Joint Information Center? Go figure that there's a free online site that does the trick - it's called FindMyShift.com. In most of the JIC's I've set up, we just scribbled names on a white board [...]

Social media has dynamically changed the landscape of effectively reacting to a crisis and this presentation a great perspective on what's happening.  Even better, there's specific tips on how you should react.  The Society for New Communications Research held a forum at the end of April and their closing speaker was a PR Professional Shel [...]

Did you know that if you put your email address in a blog post, web page or even in a comment on Twitter or Facebook, it often gets "scraped" by automated systems (bots) looking for valid email addresses to add to their spam list?  Yep, it happens all the time.  And you wonder why you [...]

Swine Flu, Easter, and Somali Pirates topped Nielsen’s monthly index of most blogged news stories for April 2009, according to Nielsen’s just released top 10 most-blogged topics report. “Understanding what is currently important to bloggers is essential to marketers since we know that highly blogged about topics are important indicators of conversational sustainability and impact,” [...]