Communication is your trade and effectively communicating is your skill.  So what is the most common form of communication we use?  Yep, a news release.  Or, as some more nostalgic folks may call it - a press release.  So there you go, writing away not paying attention to the most common mistakes you're making. Yes, [...]

If you haven't signed up for a Twitter account, just do it.  Yes, it may be a fad.  Yes, it might not be for you - but how do you really know?  There's no harm in playing with it to see what it does.  And, more importantly, it doesn't cost you a penny to use [...]

The New York Times published a story detailing a multi-million dollar ad campaign launched by Starbucks in which the company put up advertising posters in six major cities and attempted to “harness the power of online social networking sites by challenging people to hunt for the posters on Tuesday and be the first to post [...]

Setting up a good public relations and public education event can be challenging, but more importantly, it's often very enjoyable and fun.  Take a look at today's event at the California State Capitol Park. I took a camera to this event because I am really excited about the message First Lady Maria Shriver and her [...]

The craft of "breaking news" began as an exclusive staple of traditional news outlets.  Then something happened - the Internet and Twitter.  Think about it.  In the "old days" you would hear a special jingle and your favorite radio or television program would be hijacked by someone in a studio.  This was usually several minutes [...]

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