In my last posting I wrote about how important visuals are when trying to be an effective communicator. If people aren't able to believe, or believe in, what we say, then our words fall flat.  Probably the most revealing research findings I referred to are: People believe what they see more than what they hear [...]

As professional communicators, our goal is to be completely understood.  We talk. We write. And, we show.  It's that "show" part that can sometimes be the most effective way to get our message across in the short amount of time people are willing to give us.  In some cases, our audience is not really paying [...]

You're frustrated with your IT department and you just want to put together a web page with some important content, links to related information and maybe upload a few photos.  It sure is easier to provide people a web address than it is trying to save PDF files or fax actual documents to the press [...]

Despite the seemingly inevitable demise of printed newspapers as we know it, there's still something very powerful about the printed front page.  As public communicators, we look at that as the best landing spot for good news and the worst possible place for dirty laundry to be aired.  Keeping that in mind, there's a really [...]

Are your videos trapped inside a DVD, or worse, collecting dust on a VHS or DVCam tape somewhere? Think about it. You or your agency probably put together videos in the past and sent out copies via VHS tapes or DVD's. Maybe you were even more progressive and had it encoded and posted on your [...]

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