There's a great post on Mashable titled "The Journalists Guide to Facebook" where the author Leah Betancourt says the world’s largest social networking site can be invaluable to journalists. Facebook gives reporters a means to connect with communities involved with stories, find sources, and generate leads. It's also a great place for public information officers [...]

Add this to your bookmark list of cool places that offer real-time information about stuff happening in the world. It's called "Marine Traffic" and it's based on Google Mapping technology - called a "Mashup." It shows live information about ship movements throughout the world. You can search by ship name or zoom into map to [...]

1.  You Think Voicemail is Too Slow and Annoying.  Today, virtually everyone has voicemail at work or on their cell phone.  You feel the vibration and look to see who's calling you.  Admit it, you pick up the phone and start bargaining with yourself to see if you have the time and patience to engage [...]

If you thought that having e-mail made you cutting edge, think again.  A friend of mine who's a teacher had one of his students say, "Only old people use email."  My friend who's 31 didn't think he was really that old, but it does highlight the fact that youth and adults use technology to communicate [...]

Ever wanted to record what's happening on your screen and do a tutorial video? Perhaps you've thought about helping someone understand how to cut-and-paste in Word by showing how you do it? There's a free program available for Window's users - yes, we're big on free stuff. It's called They're pitch is simple: Capture [...]