If you're one of the millions of people who now own an Apple iPhone (me included), there's now a whole host of applications you can download to get more information about H1N1, or Swine Flu.  Probably the most useful is called "Outbreaks Near Me" and is a free iPhone application by HealthMap that tracks your [...]

Great time lapse video of the Station Fire in Los Angeles. The sun sets, the fire grows. Shot on 8/31 as day lapsed into evening. You'll see both the pattern of smoke and the growth/change in the path of the fire. Looks almost innocent at first, but then all hell breaks loose.

Technology is bringing us closer to disasters than we ever thought possible. While I was at the Station Fire Incident Command Post just north of Los Angeles this past week I noticed something different roaming around in the mass of press assembled for a news conference with Governor Schwarzenegger - an unassuming guy wearing a [...]

This has been both a tragic and fascinating week in California with the amount of wildfires burning throughout the state. I’ve been visiting several of the major fires and working behind the scenes with my agency. As I write this I’m on a plane enroute to the Station Fire burning in the hills and canyons [...]

Occasionally I find some good deals and this is one of them. If you've been thinking about backing up your laptop or moving those photos and important documents all into one place, than this is the best deal yet on a behemoth amount of storage for the average Joe like you and me. Buy.com has [...]