Finding a "deal" on a new iMac, MacBook, the sexy MacBook Air, or a powerhouse Mac Pro is like trying to find middle ground in California politics. It's nearly impossible. But there's a dirty little secret - it's call Apple Insider website (well, I guess it's not really dirty, but it sure sounds intriguing doesn't [...]

Since we seem to be in the mood to share cool (and free) stuff, here's another site that helps you overcome barriers with file formats and types. It's called and PCMagazine says, "YouConvertIt is a dead-simple way to change the file format into something you can use." It allows you to do more than [...]

Blogs are a great way to share information and start a conversation.  If you have some ideas to post, let us know!  There's a lot of great content to discover on so have fun looking around.  We're so glad you've visited! Don't forget to sign up for our free e-mail club!  As we find [...]

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