There's now a more flexible way to customize a standard Google Map - It's called Scribble Maps. This is really cool because you can literally scribble on a big map, add icons (more than Google Maps has) and it has a very intuitive interface.

Tired of taking notes during all those important meetings?  Well, if you're into PDA's (no, not public displays of affection, silly!), the nifty little handheld computers that are phones too, then you've likely got a camera on it.  Ever wondered how you could use that camera for something more professional than taking secret pictures of [...]

When I teach communications professionals about "Social Media," I often like to use the most recent statistics to demonstrate trends. There are dozens, probably hundreds, of social media tools out there and their popularity makes a big difference when you put it in the context of a crisis. Obviously you wouldn't spend your time feeding [...]

Come on, admit it. There's been a time when you wished someone else would do all the work of reading news stories and summarizing what's being said for you. Well, there's this new website that might be the place for you - especially if you're working in a Joint Information Center and you're responsible for [...]

When you "Google" something looking for images, you often find lots of similar results. But, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right image if you can't describe it in words. The new Google Similar Images feature was developed with just this in mind. Using it you can now find images that look like [...]

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