There's lots of places you can go to find social media monitoring tools.  A lot of them cost bucks $$$.  Here's a list of 10 that are free.  Try them out and see what works for you. This infographic over at is great too.  They asked: What social media monitoring tool do you use? [...]

Watch the latest business video at I think we all saw this one coming - the desire of news outlets to connect the most recent foreign disasters (Haiti & Chile) to us in the United States.  This time, after the Chilean earthquake, the most frequently asked question is "Are we ready for the next [...]

There's a revolution happening before our eyes and it involves live internet video.  The best part?  You now have another free tool to use for providing public information.  Even more important, emergency public information when a crisis strikes. When I awoke Saturday morning to the news that Chile was hit by a massive magnitude 8.8 [...]

The great State of California was compelled to issue guidelines today for the use of social media within the state's government agency environment, saying Governor Schwarzenegger has had "great success" in using them.  It's not a step-by-step plan on how to use Twitter.  It doesn't say anything about Facebook being better than MySpace.  It's a [...]

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