4 Easy Ways to Create Free Web Pages

You’re frustrated with your IT department and you just want to put together a web page with some important content, links to related information and maybe upload a few photos.  It sure is easier to provide people a web address than it is trying to save PDF files or fax actual documents to the press and your colleagues.  So here’s a few simple ways to get content online without the hassles of dealing with complicated html or css.

1.  DinkyPage: Hands Down, This is the Easiest Way to Create a Simple Page

dinkypageI stumbled across this site and it’s incredibly easy to create a web page without logging in or giving up your email address, etc.  If you have used a word processor like Microsoft Word, this is the site for you.  Just go to www.dinkypage.com and you’re one click away from publishing a page.  Now here’s the drawback – you can’t upload a photo like you can on blogs and you are pretty much limited to text on that single page.  To be “creative” with pictures and other stuff, you have to know how to cut and paste links to images already hosted elsewhere.  But, if all you’re trying to do is publish a lot of facts, figures and “text,” and be able to have a web URL to link to it – this is for you.

2. Weebly:  Easy Drag-and-Drop Website Creation, No Ads and Use Your Own Domain Name

Picture 1So you need more than just a page.  You really want to create a website that isn’t full of advertising you can’t control but looks like something professional and credible.  I’ve got the ticket for you.  It’s called Weebly and is considered by many to be the best place to create free websites instantly. Why? Well, Weebly isn’t just free, it’s ad free and it offers more tools and features than the other sites. The interface is easy to use drag-and-drop, but there are more items to choose from such as the basic tools like text and images, multimedia content like a photo gallery or embedded YouTube player, and some slick tools such as forms, a feed reader and even a simple forum.

There’s dozens of templates to choose from and you get a free subdomain like “yoursite.weebly.com”. Weebly is supported by the domains that they sell to customers who decide they want their own.  But here’s something really cool – you can publish to your own domain name (ie. www.example.com instead of example.weebly.com) and they’ll still host your website for free.  Now that’s a service that nobody else I know is offering.


3.  Create a Blog Using Free Services of the Big Boys

bloggerProbably the easiest way to get information posted quickly and chronologically is by creating a free blog using the two main sites – Blogger.com or WordPress.com.  They offer a quick setup and the interface is pretty simple to use.  The benefits of using Blogger is it is owned by Google – so the stuff you put on there will have a higher likelihood of being search friendly if someone uses Google to find your page.

4.  Create an Online Magazine You Can Share On Facebook, Twitter, etc

openzineThis is an interesting concept for those wanting a more refined product online.  OpenZine.com is a social publishing platform with browser based tools that provides regular people with the essential tools to create really amazing things, display it with equal quality and enables them to socially share, control and manage their ideas. It lets you easily create online magazines without having any knowledge of web design or development. It is a WYSIWYG based service where you can create as well as publish a web magazine by inserting text, images and videos.

Creating a magazine is simple, just choose from 10 different layouts and start adding content for different sections of the magazine like “Head feature”, “Main Feature” or “Sub Feature”. You can have multiple main features or sub features in your magazine. A rich text editor allows you to enter formatted text, links and images as part of your content. You can also create a cover page and add Issue title, Issue summary and Issue tags to make your magazine more professional and give it a proper flow.

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