Scott Abel: 10 Best Web 2.0 Tools

If you’re like me and weren’t able to make it to the Web Content 2009 Conference in Chicago, you missed out on some really great stuff.  In fact, I did too!  But there’s good news.  One of my new favorite reads on the web is Joe Pulizzi’s blog called “Junta42.” (Make sure you click here to visit his site when you have time.)  This guy is on top of his game and if you miss a conference, he’s usually right there with the best information.

He reposted a presentation by his friend Scott Abel (The Content Wrangler) who gave an outstanding presentation at Web Content 2009 on social media tools – best kept secrets.  I wasn’t able to see it, but the details are in his PowerPoint below:

  1. Google Docs Forms Designer. Create custom forms for surveys and downloads. Customize in less than 10 minutes.
  2. Delicious Promotions. Scott reviewed the power of promoting events and offers through Delicious.
  3. Tynt. Scott’s favorite tool. It tracks what users copy from your website (very cool tool).
  4. Write once, publish many. Ping allows you to publish to as many as 60 social networks in less than 10 seconds (NOTE: be careful.  Understand how your message is being sent and where it is going so you are not Spamming anyone.)
  5. GoView. Screencasts that allow you to show instead of tell.  According to Scott, a step down from Jing but easier to use.
  6. Shorten your URLs for distribution and be able to track them as well (who opens it where).
  7. Scribd. YouTube for PDFs.
  8. Kwout. Screen captures with working links to original pages.
  9. Knowem. Checks brand name availability across 120 social media websites.
  10. slideshare. Increase the value of slide decks far beyond the conference presentation.
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  • Mark Spencer Jun 29, 2009, 8:01 am

    Great list, this will be helpful, thanks!

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